2018 US Midterm Election Posts to Get to the Front Page of Reddit

The midterm elections are on November 6th, 2018 in the United States of America. Find the posts that got to the front page of Reddit here:

Everyone’s Instagram and Snapchat upload today from r/gifs

Mitch McConnell voting in his hometown from r/pics

For 30 years, Mr. Hinton was stripped of all his rights while he sat on Alabama death row for a crime he didn’t commit. Today, he arrived at the polls at 7am and exercised his right to vote. from r/pics

Celebrating democracy in the USA! from r/gifs

I’m quite possibly the only registered democrat in my area. They change my polling location every election so now it’s a 21 mile round trip from my home. They’ll never suppress my vote. from r/pics

ELI5: Why is there a mid term election and what will the results mean? from r/explainlikeimfive

PsBattle: Joe Biden emerges from the voting booth from r/photoshopbattles

It’s Election Day 2018 and We’ve Compiled Some Resources to Help You Vote from r/announcements

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Meets Beto And Cruz – The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from r/television

Advanced polling closes, voters turnout in record numbers from r/UpliftingNews

Seen at my local polling location this morning from r/pics

American Women voting for the 1st time – 1920 from r/OldSchoolCool