How to Get to the Front Page of Reddit

Now that you know how the Reddit Algorithm works, how do you get to the front page of Reddit and get all that valuable traffic? Submit amazing content.

We wish it was this easy, but it also takes a lot of luck. Back in 2006 and 2007 there were dozens of websites writing articles about getting to the front page of Reddit and they all basically said, submit badass content. Of course they weren’t going to explain how to game the system and risk pissing off Redditors. Trust me when we tell you, Redditors were a crazy bunch in the early days. You did not want to piss off their baby.

Knowing that the Reddit algorithm has a time component, it is extremely important to gain momentum in the first five minutes of submitting a post. It is also important to post the content to the correct subreddit. To get the most traffic, users tend to submit to one of the original subreddits that made up the Front Page of the Internet. Note that the original and more popular subreddits are heavily moderated and new users often cannot even get a post to show up on the /new section.

Shadow banning was an early part of Reddit and remains that way today. In essence, you can submit a post, but you are the only one that sees it. The rest of the Reddit community does not see it. The only way you will know if your post is seen by the entire community is to use another browser in which you are logged out and look at the /new section of the subreddit where you submitted the content.

If you get your content through to the /new section, your post must get dozens of upvotes and a number of comments very quickly. If it does not, there is zero chance of getting to the front page of a specific subreddit no less the Front Page of the Internet.

It is important to understand that you cannot force your post to gain traction. The only way a post will get to the front page is if other Redditors upvote and comment on the post. Your comments are devalued because, well, you submitted the post.

Let’s say you get 100 upvotes and 35 comments in the first 15 minutes. You are on your way to having a post that gets to the Front Page of the Internet. Your post will show up on the /rising section of the subreddit, likely near the top of that subreddit and somewhere within the first 300 or so posts of the Reddit front page.

Once you gain traction within the subreddit, the post is in the “make it or break it phase”. Remember, the traction was gained by people that are interested in the topic of that subreddit. This does not mean all of Reddit will upvote and comment. You may get a ton of engagement on r/atheism or r/politics but as it gets closer to the front page, you will likely start to see more downvotes.

As all of the early articles on how to get to the front page of Reddit explained, you simply need amazing content. And lots of luck. You could submit the exact same post as another user and they could get 25,000 upvotes and yours could get 10 upvotes.

Remember, Reddit is the smartest community on the Internet so grammar and wit are important. The more clever and unique your title, the more upvotes you are going to get. Also note that many Redditors are now using the Reddit app on their iPhone or Android. They are not digging as deep into posts and are simply upvoting based on the title or their first impression.

Also note, Reddit loves certain types of content. You have to be experienced to know that Redditors love Nintendo and hate EA. They are pro climate change and anti religious zealots. Take the time to get to know the community before submitting to any subreddit. You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you do. And, you could potentially get to the Front Page of the Internet.