TV Shows Redditors Love….and Want to See

Redditors have sparked interest in some of the most viral TV shows in the last several years. These shows include Stranger Things, Ozark and The Haunting of Hill House. Here are the TV shows Redditors love and want to see:

Coming Soon:

The Long Night – The prequel to Game of Thrones, 5000 years earlier.

Our Planet – A nature documentary on Netflix narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Watchmen – This HBO show is surely going to be better than the movie. Lots of news recently.

The Witcher – This one is going to be enormous. Henry Cavill will star as Geralt of Rivia. We expect every major cast announcement to make the front page of Reddit.

Dracula – A Dracula series from the Sherlock team on Netflix?!

The Last Czars – You may not have heard of this one, yet. Just wait.

Lucifer – Season 4 was revived by Netflix. Is this the first major network show that improves because it is on Netflix?

Available Now:

Game of Thrones – Season 8 will premiere in April 2019.

The Haunting of Hill House – The second it was released Reddit was in love with this show. Even Stephen King recommends getting to know the Crains. Shirley Jackson would be extremely proud. (IMDB Rating – 8.9)

Stranger Things – The Friday Stranger Things came out, Reddit was all over it. Was season 2 even better than season 1? New evil in season 3? Of course Reddit would discuss it a year before the season is released. (IMDB Rating – 8.9)

Ozark – Redditors pumped the teaser trailer to the front page three months before most people even heard of Ozark. Here is a discussion the week season 1 was released. Here is the season 2 announcement discussion. We will have a season 3 of Ozark. (IMDB Rating – 8.4)

Arrested Development – It looks like we will only get six seasons, but they were oh so good. (IMDB Rating – 8.9)

Bojack Horseman – So many memes and phrases in culture are from Bojack. It will likely be the case that Bojack gets even more popular when it starts to rerun on cable. Season 5 of Bojack set for September 2018. After the success of season 5, Bojack will get a season 6. (IMDB Rating – 8.5)

Mindhunter – Yeah, anything David Fincher and Reddit gets a hard on. Add real life serial killers and it is permawood. Mindhunter season 2 and David Fincher have been confirmed. The serial killers coming to Mindhunter season 2. (IMDB Rating – 8.6)

Black Mirror – Of course Redditors would love a science fiction show examining modern society. There is a great season 4 discussion here. And the discussion the day season 4 dropped on Netflix. In March 2018 we learned Black Mirror has been renewed for a season 5. Is season 5 really going to be a choose your own adventure?! (IMDB Rating – 8.9)

DarkThis one, along with La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) really got the ball rolling for International TV shows gaining popularity in America on Netflix. Lots of twists, turns and WTF moments in Dark. (IMDB Rating – 8.6)

The Crown – While history isn’t particular popular on Reddit, the Netflix show Crown is appreciated. They stay on top of who will act out historical figures. (IMDB Rating – 8.7)

Travelers – Some have argued this is Netflix’s most underrated sci-fi show. Here is another discussion about Travelers getting more attention.(IMDB Rating – 8.0)

Altered Carbon – A sci-fi show based on a popular, recent science fiction book series with lots of sex and attractive women? Reddit is all in. An in depth discussion as to what Altered Carbon really is. Altered Carbon was renewed for season 2 with a new star in a new sleeve. (IMDB Rating – 8.2)

The Chilling Adventures of SabrinaLots of hype for this one almost six months prior to the launch date. (IMDB Rating – 8.0)

Babylon Berlin – Another International TV show that quickly gained in popularity on Netflix. (IMDB Rating – 8.4)

Wild Wild Country – This Netflix documentary is mind blowing. The Duplass Brothers did a fantastic job with this one and Reddit loved it. (IMDB Rating – 8.3)

Disenchantment – A Matt Groening animated series exclusively on Netflix? There was a ton of hype for the first season and it honestly did not live up to it. Here is the first teaser trailer. Although note highly rated, Disenchantment gets a season 2. (IMDB Rating – 7.3)

Glow – This is one that picked up steam over time. Redditors enjoyed season 2 much more than season 1 and are anticipating season 3. (IMDB Rating 8.1)

Making a Murderer – The true crime documentary that many say started it all for Netflix. While season 1 was extremely popular, season 2 left a lot to be desired. That said, Redditors still love this type of stuff. (IMDB Rating – 8.7)

Narcos – Another long standing drama on Netflix. Season 4 is titled Narcos Mexico. (IMDB Rating – 8.8)

Castlevania – Nintendo and Netflix? Of course Reddit is going to love it.

Married with Children – And it is now available on Hulu.

Westworld – Reddit loves the Easter Eggs in Westworld. Season 2 was quite the disaster, but that doesn’t mean Redditors won’t tune in to Season 3. One of the filming towns recently burned in California.